I honestly hate the typical US reaction to the Cuban protests cause it always seems to be underlain by a basic anti-communism rather than opposition to a specific regime which actually has some serious merits to it in terms of medicine and whatever else Cuba has been globally unrivaled in, anyways, I think the Cuban government is corrupt just like any other government and I'm on the protest's side, but I will always be a communist, because I believe in human cooperation and making sure no one suffers deprivation. America does not seem to highly regard the communist ideal. And make no mistake about it that communism/socialism is a very beautiful ideal, if not politically practical in a lot of historical examples. I am sick of hearing about anti-communism. Fucking learn something about what it's about. It's not a type of government. It's a philosophy. Aside from right-wing talking heads and other pro-capitalist people, anyone who is affluent enough to be thriving and not having to survive is an individual reflection of this selfish ethos. I've lived my life with plenty of misery even though someone in my family could have given me some money to help out with my sufferings. And though my spiritual journey is my own, I am slightly disappointed with people and their individualism preventing them from helping us less fortunate people.
In short, Biden and whoever the Cuban president is is an asshole.