Can we talk about communism



We (and the Mafia) propped up the brutal Batista regime in the 50s. Castro initially made overtures to the U.S. before and just after '59. Our frothy, knee-jerk mania about the Reds helped radicalize Castro. He and Khrushchev got stupid, the U.S. got stupid, and we embargoed, demonized, and isolated the island for 60 years. The American Right Wing cow-towed to displaced Florida Cubans (many Batista supporters) to win elections, and the Cuban people suffered horribly for generations. Obama tried to ease relations and trade restrictions, MAGA maniacs lost their shit and reversed him. U.S. policy viz Cuba is a decrepit, outdated remnant of 18-century gunboat diplomacy and Nixonian red-baiting jingoism. The Cuban people suffer, while we posture. Hopefully Biden will open up trade and full relations with Cuba once and for all. Right wingers who fetishize "free trade" should agree.


Sorry, "19-century" (Spanish American War, 1898).


Here's the thing: Most Americans are anti-communism because we've seen first hand the brutality of 20th century communist regimes. Many of your local Portlanders have been victims of these regimes.

Regardless of the country, race or ethnicity, they all tend to do the same. Kill the dissident, use their power to oppress the working class, and create secret kangaroo courts and police to create fear through out the population.

This is why people don't like communism, OP. I don't care that you identify yourself as communist, I see it the same way as people who still identify as republican. Both are parties of criminals, murderers, and molesters. So, don't be surprised when people see you that way too.

Communism is not only rife with corruption, it's a system that makes corruption easier and actually protects the person committing the crime.


Socialism and Communism are not the same thing.

Here in this country we are democratic republic (people vote and their vote maybe sort of kinda counts - if only it weren't for the electoral college) and we have plenty of socialism here - all of the tax breaks given to corporations who do nothing but take take take and take some more (always saying their the job creators while they move everything offshore, including all of their profits), all of the big money doled out to corporate farmers, the trillions of dollars spent on the military industrial complex that is never held to any accounting and is so bloated and out of control police nationwide have been militarized with all of the "extras" while military families live on food stamps in uninhabitable housing, the billions doled out in taxpayer dollars to employees of corporations who use that money to pad their profits instead of paying their employees living wages, all of the taxpayer money spent to save wall street when GWB nearly decimated the entire country economically, and the list goes on and on and on and on. The tiny amount of so-called socialism doled out to the people of this country (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Etc.) is so paltry it doesn't even rate when compared to all of the aforementioned.

We are a socialist state for the obscenely wealthy. Everyone else must suffer under capitalism so that the obscenely wealthy can get wealthier and wealthier. I mean why on earth does anyone need hundreds of billions of dollars? Jeff Bezos could end world hunger, homelessness, and cover medical care for all 100X over and STILL BE A FUCKING BILLIONAIRE. But he wants to hold his penis and fly into space and feel like a big boy.

Our system is corrupt beyond all comprehension. Countries ruled under communist dictators are corrupt beyond all comprehension. The countries in this world that are closest to true socialism - as in socialism for all and for the greater good of everyone who lives there - are the only countries that are even remotely not corrupt beyond all comprehension.


"Communism is corrupt." Whew, thank Ganesh we have no corruption in the U.S.! Just militarized police, white men legislating against women's reproductive freedom, voter suppression, "Christian" militia, gun violence, rampant poverty and homelessness, queer bashing, corporate welfare, racism beyond measure, crumbling infrastructure, social media echo chambers, choked highways, disappearing forests and wildlife, and an attempted coup by a former president. But yes, please, let's deflect attention from issues needing rational thought and get wrapped up in meaningless debates over Bolshevism, sorry, Communism. What is this, 1952? Yeesh.