Mind your own business



You do you, and stay strong.


Yes! We’re far from done, and you’re right… it’s nobody’s damn business.


Agreed. It's the unmasked people should be worrying about. The anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers now are free to run around not wearing masks, pretending they've been vaccinated. I did not spend 13 months inside my home to get vaccinated and end up getting the Delta variant of COVID from some unvaccinated, unmasked asshole. I have a serious neuromuscular disease. My mom is 72. Our neighbor who we spend a lot of time with is 85. Another friend is in her late 60s and works retail. While all of us ARE vaccinated, there are WAY too many people NOT vaccinated.


Wearing masks now with a consistent rise of Covid cases across the country sounds smart enough. Only problem is none of the unmasked and simultaneously unvaccinated folks give a crap about you or your health. Either that or they aren't aware enough of the situation to understand what's going on in the first place. Either way, these are the people that you're essentially protecting when you wear your mask, not yourself. You can still get the cold/flu or any varient of covid even while wearing a mask.


Maybe they'll think of you when they get the Lambda variant.


I wonder what the Echo variant is gonna be like.


I appreciate your post, and voice. Many people are confused and oddly politicized about mask wearing. I'm happy to see people wearing masks, if only as an act of caring for others


Personally, when we move into flu and cold season, if I have to go into anyplace that is heavily trafficked I am seriously considering wearing a mask. Didn't get Covid-19 (and now fully vaxxed) but nor did I get the flu (and hadn't had a flu shot last year) nor a cold. Heck, I never even had the sniffles.

And if I do have a cold or sniffles or whatnot I plan to put a mask on when going into any place as a courtesy.

It's a long time practice to wear a mask if you have a cold or such in Japan and some other nations.


still cannot fathom
how right wingers
don't wanna Hide
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one'd think it's just
like a Legalizd hood.

'who me?
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Me to me no sir.'

perhaps trumpfy
made Bigotry Okay
put it on Parade boys
there's gonna be a Lynchin'.


@4 Hey, why don't you just stfu!