Yeah so i was working on this washing machine for this generic human, possibly a little old lady, and I looked back in there into the access and wiped away the spiderwebs and bugs and a lego and a Thomas the Tank Engine wheel, and Lo what do I see but a mouse! scurrying this way and that and up and down. I grabbed the big light and looked in there and goddamnit it was a fucking spider, almost as big as a mouse. it gets worse. I went and got my shop-vac and sucked the fuck out of under that washing machine for at least 6.5 minutes. Clean as a whistle. I took the vacuum outside, just in case, ,,it crawled out the hose, right? So i was walking back in the house when I thought, you know, I should just check to make sure that beast is in my shop-vac. It was not. It's still in the house.