Passive aggressive busdrivers?!?!



Sure, it's the bus drivers "fault". Or maybe everyone isn't here to entertain/amuse/love you like you think they should be. Maybe they have their own life and their own problems, and right now that's all they can give you. How needy do you have to be to cry about a bus driver not loving you? Maybe that's something you should examine and work on?


I've always found TriMet drivers to be awesome in general. I don't envy what they have to deal with each day, including sketchy riders, terrible drivers, suicidal bicyclists, and clueless Lyfters and Uberites. If you generally have poor interaction with "all" bus drivers, the issue might, just might be with your own behavior. Just saying.


The bus driver is there to drive the bus and to do so safely. They aren't there to be your buddy.

Also, say your bus driver suddenly decides to chat a bit with every rider boarding their bus, do you have any idea what amount of time that would add up to? How it would start to back up the driver's schedule?

When you are at work, do you ever just wish to focus on the task at hand and not have co-workers interrupt you randomly to chat? Or it's just been a bad day and you want to be left alone? Or you have some serious worries and thus don't have the energy to be bright and cheerful at work? Are you bright and chipper at the start of the work day? Near the end of the work day?

Give the drivers a break, a shift I am sure can be incredibly draining.

Look for validation from other people in your life.


Bus drivers in this city continuously impress me on a day to day level. I'm convinced some of these people are superhuman. Although I guess people working jobs of any kind are all different and they're just that. People. Some are great and sometimes some are not so great. But trimet drivers are almost all great. Which is what really impresses me.


if they Stare
at your hands
let your hands
do all the talking


"The better you treat me
the more likely I will be
to have your back
when the shit
goes down.

And I
will too.
I promise."

do you Promise
not to Melt down when
all the Shite goes down?

'cause I'm not
sensing it cuz.


Ask to speak with the manager.