lets cancel tom brady



I couldn't care less about football and Tom Brady, but it's clear that when he went to the WH this week, he was not dissing Biden. Numerous news outlets report that Brady was trolling trump: "Whether or not Brady and Trump remain friends is tough to know. What's not tough to figure out is that Trump will be hurt and offended not just that Brady went to the White House to celebrate a Super Bowl with Joe Biden but also that Tom Terrific took a direct shot at the "Big Lie." The Point: If you don't think Trump a) watched this or b) cares deeply about it, well then you don't know Trump." from CNN.


Who's Tom Brady?


well he Broke I, A's heart
and now he's gottta Pay

but Brady's a Pro
and don'tchya know
it's just Business bro.

everything's a Slight
to the trumpfster
it's his Prime
he's the