A couple a half million here, half million there.



Actually, yes. Cities always have lawsuit money built into the budget. That's why cities don't go tits up every time somebody sues them.


Nope. Comes out of taxpayer money. So if you're hoping for that kicker, it's most likely not happening because people have to be paid off because the cops can't stop killing people.


It's called Law Enforcement Liability Insurance, but yes, our tax dollars pay the premiums.


Police Settlements: How The Cost Of Misconduct Impacts Cities And Taxpayers


If doctors generally take out malpractice insurance (is that still a thing?) then why don't cops take out insurance, on their dime, to cover themselves if they get sued, and leave the taxpayers out of their legal problems? Also, why aren't cops part of the public employees union, instead of their own dark-arts union all their own? Honestly, armed uniformed, paramilitary police forces seem so outdated and answerable only to their own rules and oversight. We need something completely different.


Civilian Over-sight
is what's called for

Po-po answering
solely to itself is a recipe
for Diaster* as Evident everywhere

*we the peeps can not
Afford police mayhem
let's get fucking