Red Rover, Red Rover



Portland city government isn't corrupt, it's incompetent. The results almost look the same though, don't they? The difference is a corrupt government will actually get things done, while an incompetent one can't.

Ted actually lost the election but thinks he won it. He only got 46% of the vote. The majority of voters didn't want him, yet there he is. His big idea was to hire the incompetent mayor he replaced, Beau's ex-bf. Together, they are a dynamic duo of incompetence driven by white male privilege.

When he was hired by Ted, Beau's ex-bf got more press about how he used to be on Portlandia, and much less about how he was a 1 term mayor who cried the entire time because he had a scandal with Beau at the beginning of his term and ended up doing nothing at all but talking about himself and how he wasn't Beau's ex-bf. Don't believe me? Go google old press conferences. People will be asking him about plans for crime and traffic and he answers by talking about Beau.

Chief Outlaw saw the writing on the wall and bounced after sacking PDX for things she did to pad her resume in hopes of finding a better job. Instead of hiring a new chief, a process that takes months and usually requires a national search, Ted promoted a PPB Lieutenant with no experience to the job, bypassing multiple levels of hierarchy and more experienced officers.

Why did he do that? Only Ted knows, but now we have Chief Chuck. PPB likes to tell the press that people are quitting and retiring due to the way they were treated by protestors. PPB's mass exodus actually started when Chuck became Chief. Nothing against you Chuck, but you're incompetent and over your head. A police Lieutenant doesn't even run a patrol, that's the job of the Captain. But now a Lieutenant runs the whole damn department.


Could not agree more S & E. Incompetence. Portland is the city where nothing gets done. All talk, no action by the people in charge.