I was headed out today and started my street parked 2007 Prius. Old story right? Some group lifted my front end and cut out my Catalytic Converter at night, to scrap for a few hundred dollars. I guess if you steal hundreds or thousands of them, hey, it's a living? The mechanics and automotive industry makes legitimate money on parts and labor repairing the damages. Sometimes from fully covered insurance, but for the most part probably out of pocket. And now they make cages and metal plates to deter the theft. Scrap and recycling companies make a buck on recycling the metal. I guess it's probably better to put the 2000 or so towards another car rather than repairs, you'll probably just swing by with that sawzall again. I would have rather you held me up for a few hundred than the inconvenience you caused around me just trying to get to work for my livelihood...It was good I lost all hope or faith in humanity long ago, I won't feel anything next trip to the DMV.