But the mask mandate was lifted! We reopend! It's even in the Mercury! It was over! Even Brown said so!

Oh...maybe we were just a touch premature...?


"Be smart, get vaccinated, it'll save your life and my career. And if you disagree with me, THEN I HOPE YOU CATCH COVID AND SUFFER THEN DIE"

Gotta love the faux compassion of Portlanders whose anger always seems to manifest as death wishes.

Nevermind the fact that they are doing away with the term "breakthrough case" entirely now that Delta has proven it has little trouble infecting vaccinated folks (even if they remain asymptomatic).

Blame the unmasked vaxxed folks who are filling up the beer gardens and sidewalk tables. The supposedly 'sophisticated' superspreaders. It's Saturday, go out tonight. I live in the Pearl, but go anywhere. You'll see everyone out and about spreading the virus. Even kids are catching Delta. Even vaccinated folks are going to the hospital. Not in droves like unvaxxed, but the fact of the matter is until we get this under control, any 'sophisticated' person who is doing a yoga class unmasked is no better than an unvaxxed hillbilly. Congrats, you're both superspreaders.


@3 THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IS FED UP. Unvaccinated people are why there are breakthrough cases. Unvaccinated people are why the Delta variant exists in this country - because if everyone had gotten vaccinated there would be no Delta variant here. Kids are getting COVID and Delta BECAUSE UNVACCINATED PEOPLE ARE SPREADING THE DISEASE. The rage is against the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated are responsible for all of the sick children and all of the full hospitals and all of the re-instated mask mandates, and all of the continued bullshit. All of it. So spare the rest of us your bullshit. The fact of the matter is we will NOT get this under control, not while 30% of the population refuses to get vaccinated. We could have gotten it under control if we had a functional president with a brain in December 2019, with a pandemic protocol in place, NATIONAL, FEDERAL MANDATES, and 100% of the eligible population getting vaccinated when the vaccines came out.

There is no getting it under control now. And pretending that anyone other than the unvaxxed assholes who also refuse to wear masks are responsible is total and complete bullshit.


It's OK to blame the unvaccinated — they are robbing the rest of us of our freedoms

It's important to remember that this is still a pandemic of the unvaccinated... by refusing to do the right thing, the unvaccinated are stripping freedom and choice from every other American who got vaccinated.


The thoughtless privilege of America's vaccine refusers

Talk about privilege. Talk about entitlement. The fact that these anti-vaccination dipshits even have the leisure time to research their nonsense on Facebook or peddle their foolishness online or in school board meetings is a testament in itself to that privilege. How nice that they have the luxury of making a political statement about their non-vaccinated status!

Most Americans have absolutely no clue how unbelievably fortunate they are to have these vaccines available. The fact that so many are willing to blithely and casually risk the lives and health of others, to say nothing of their own lives, is a sorry testament to American hubris, ignorance and entitlement.


If You Skip the Vaccine, It Is My ‘Damn Business’

Vaccination is different. In the context of a deadly and often debilitating contagion, in which the unchecked spread of infection has consequences for the entire society, vaccination is not a personal decision. And inasmuch as the United States has struggled to achieve herd immunity against Covid-19 through vaccination, it is because we refuse to treat the pandemic for what it is: a social problem to solve through collective action.


& END the Mollycoddle
Mister President

thnx, xina
you rock


when courting the
Un-educated Vote
credence must be
bestowed on Opinion
over Facts which Always
get in the way of good Narrative

if you can be Convinced
of Absurdities perhaps
you'll committ atro-
cities for me too?

see: Goebbels
Murdoch & trumpfy
and see how it's Done

let's go Burn
some Masks


"If the Delta gets you
I hope you have regrets."

yeah most of 'em Do
asking for vaxxes
their Mothers &

but the Covid
don't Care.

adios and
via con Diosa

*like notorious
far right fibster Lee
Atwater on his Deathbed




Hey kristofarian, are you a poet? That don’t know it?


@10 And yet modern day usage of philistine has nothing to do with that (but of course you know that already)

philistine: a person who is hostile or indifferent to society (typically referring to culture and the arts, those who have no understanding of them), but also can refer to anyone such as the modern day death cult who scream about anything they don't like and refuse to do anything for the greater good because they are too fucking stupid and hate filled and find it easier to blame mythical "elites" for destroying society instead of looking in the mirror. see the gop; qanon, fox news watchers, anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, white supremacists, misogynists, gun nuts, etc. etc. etc.

the philistines in this country have chosen death about all else and call it freedom.



I figured they were
Nihilists just itchin'
to Convert the Cit-
zenry No Matter
What. My bad

but like any
just Reverse the Order
and you Should be 'fine.'

Trust me!


"... clever little trollses who sneak onto blog sites, into demonstrations, and into the airwaves to destroy resistance and insurgency through the tender purring of their phony liberal milksop moderation."

ever' last one
they too shall
meet in Hell
or an Infinity
in Purgatory


@20 yes and anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers call others nazis and wear stars of david. people are fucking delusional and use words in ways that have no relevance to today. philistine has a very distinct and different meaning (you can deny it all you want, the definition exists and the usage applies). however, nazis are nazis and they have nothing to do with people demanding people get vaccinated during a worldwide pandemic. and those being asked to be vaccinated and wear masks are not comparable to jews who were rounded up by the nazis, robbed of all they owned (even the fillings in their teeth), put in concentration camps, abused, tortured, murdered en masse, and dumped in mass graves.

this situation is not a matter of semantics. asshole motherfuckers who refuse to get vaccinated are spreading disease and killing people.

the only history lesson relevant here is that people who refuse to do what is necessary to stop the spread of disease because they are fucking stupid cause an immeasurable amount of unnecessary suffering and death.


thank you as
per Usual xina.

Approve the
& END the Mollycoddle.

with Severe penalties
for phony Vaxcards
(an eye-for-an-eye


If ya don't Drink
Don't DRIVE!


out for a drive
he runs Every red light
and when we get to a green
he comes to a screeching halt

what the Fuck! I said
I Always stop at these
he said -- my brother's
a Gawd-damn Maniac.


speaking of 'republicans'
mendacity & pedantry

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