Safe travels. I’ll bet there’s no rude people in a little town like Boston so you should be a-okay. Enjoy!


P.S. I am sorry for what happened to you. That really sucks when rude people take advantage of others. I just don’t think you’re going to have a better experience in a bigger city.


Uh, have you ever BEEN to Boston before?


Hate to break it to you buddy, but there are assholes like this everywhere. Portland is not special. It's the same everywhere else. The entire country is like this. Welcome to America, land of the self-absorbed and entitled.


This reminds me of the cover story about the Etsy artist a few years back, who said "Portland is over and too rude and why should I have to pay more than $200 a month for rent because that's what I paid in 1992 and blah blah blah I'm moving to ... Austin." Because it's soooo cheap there and Texas is so fucking amazing and kind and generous and there is no sprawl there and no tech douches and so on. Good luck, everyone!


why Wait till they
Order to speak up?
interrupt politely and
point out they Just Arrived and
that the Back of the Line is back there

but that's ok -- you'll likely
have plenty More Opportunities
in (EXPENSIVE) Boston from what I hear.

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