20 is Plenty!



Portlanders are way culpable in this latest cracked-out craze to graze peds and play smash-em-up on our cop-free streets. But my fave is the wee-pee-pee boy-tykes from Vantucky who Mad Max Rose Town in their jacked-up big-wheel rigs splattered with flags and Trump or NRA stickers, while blasting Gwar or Slayer and blowing red lights like they do their Proudboi buds back behind the Clark County courthouse. Build a new Interstate Bridge? How about removing it and the Glen Jackson and call an end to the "Fast and Bi-Curious." (Thanks SNL.)


Maybe not pound on a car with your first? You were in the right until you escalated it, OP. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. You're lucky you didn't have your ass handed to you, but from the story maybe that's exactly what needs to happen to get you to stop slinging shit at drivers.


and how Dare you
let some Maniac
MISS you?


@2: Awww YEAH! We gonna learn something today! Teach gonna instruct us about the right way to act when a driver come rolling over pedestrians! Teach won't tolerate walkers who are rude to drivers. Teach got all the big thoughts and rights-and-wrongs in life. Hey OP, Teach sez it's your fault for getting in burly man's way. In Teach's dark, lonely world, drivers rule over pedestrians. Now apologize. Bless you, Teach. Such a good "person." Big kiss.


Hand to the windshield...? Was that an offensive act or a defensive act.

A defensive act would mean that everything that transpired after constitutes an assault.

If it was an offensive act would mean that being struck after you were on the ground was...

An assault.

Call the cops, make a complaint, id him, watch him go for a ride in a police car. Make his life a living hell for the next two years or so then watch him get convicted.

Then sue his ass. Make his lifeca living hell for another two years. Settle forca couple hundred large. Take a trip someplace nice.

But for christ's sake donrisk hurting your hand again.


Cops? In Portland? Responding to calls about dangerous drivers? Is the legend true?


There are people who say we need guns to act upon our god-given right to protect ourselves.

Those same people squeal like stuck pigs whenever a pedestrian slaps or otherwise touches a vehicle that is threatening their safety.

The takeaway here is that, in 'Mercka, guns and cars are more precious than human life.


The irony being that it was brought to us by a group of armed liberals.