Yes, I am talking to you. What happened to you? What did these individuals do to you that would cause you to celebrate their deaths and injuries?

Do you believe they are less deserving of life because they disagree with you or are somehow different? Would it be different if they worshipped a different god? Would it be different if they voted in alignment with your politics?

What the fuck is wrong with you!? One moment you are speak about the need to unite and protect each other. The need to champion the outsiders. The need to protect and provide opportunities for those experiencing disabilities or challenges in life.

Then you laugh at the death and injuries of people, who are just like you. You claim its okay to make light of this loss of life and harm because these individuals DESERVE IT. You have done no research into any of their personal situations but you are confident they are deserving of pain and death because they are different enough to be labeled as different. You call them stupid and slow. You are creating opportunities to dispose of humans who could be labeled stupid and slow. You are celebrating the deaths of potential friends and allies. You are celebrating the deaths of people you have failed to save.

These people are not your enemies. These people are not your oppressors. Why are you taking pleasure in their pain and deaths? Why are you normalizing the culling of OTHERS in your society? Why are you behaving like this? Is this who you are? Is this who you want to be?

These executions of indifference and I promise you, no matter how smart you think you are, there is nothing stopping you and the groups you include yourself in from being next.