Why are you celebrating?



"Shall I be blunt? I wish the bastards dead." -WS


"These people are not your enemies. These people are not your oppressors." A false statement. COVID is real. COVID poses a treat to others when pig-headedness (cops, sheriffs, MAGAs, tinfoil anti-vaxers) perpetuates what could have been manageable.

Or is the OP referring to enemies and oppressors of women? It's not clear who or what the OP is referring to.

If the OP's ask is that we tone down the anger and vitriol in the face of more-than-obvious efforts across the board to roll back protections against racism, cop abuse, corruption, science denying, sexism, and thoughtless dismissal of those struggling with houselessness and addiction, then nope.

If the OP is asking for more "moderate" do-nothing, mediocre hanky-wringing ("so toxic, so negative!") as a response to growing corporate hegemony and legislative/judicial fascism in America -- I suggest you slink back to your herb garden and gluten-free fantasia, and let the grown-ups continue fighting on your behalf.