Ted Wheeler and Chief Lovell should immediately release all information and records documented by the city related to the August 22nd terrorist attack on Portland organized in coordination with the Proud Boys and other Washington state residents.

Wheeler should share with the public his reasoning behind communicating to out-of-state aggressors that his police bureau would not take any action to interfere with their attacks on Portlanders. Wheeler should disclose exactly who were the law enforcement officials who advised him on this course of action and what questions he ask these officials before making his decision(s). Wheeler should identify the "law enforcement partners at the local, regional and state level" he reached out to and what they discussed in full detail.

Wheeler should disclose if police resources were directed towards the out-of-state attackers, who have a documented history of communicating with Portland Police intelligence, or if the bureau's plane was direct to surveil vehicles and individuals other than those associated with the Proud Boys, an organization who's illegal activities have been publicly encouraged both online and off by members of law enforcement organizations in oregon and washington.

Wheeler should request the Federal assistance, as he as done before, to help the PPB examine the dangers of radicalization and connections to violent extremists in their own ranks. Wheeler should request federal assistance to examine the ongoing leaks of sensitive portland police information to both local political consultants and alt-right media as faraway as Florida. Wheeler should request additional federal ride-alongs to further investigate specific PPB officers who have documented associations with out-of-state gangs.

Wheeler should immediately fire everyone involved in the PPB's ugly disinformation smear campaign launched against the first black woman commissioner elected to the city council.

Wheeler smarten up should grow a fucking pair.