All right a-holes listen up: stop soliciting me for sex!
I'm a trans woman not a gay guy, I am not going to have sex w/u for the bare minimum effort of u tapping ur foot me! ( back in the day when there weren't a lot of gay bars, guys wd meet in out-of-the-way places like truck stop state parks etc for gay sex.They would signal their intent by tapping their foot at one another as they both sat in the bathroom stalls. We all remember the gross Republican "wide stance" guy. )
This happens about 3-5 times a day in this town. I did the math and it equals to 13,000+ solicitations for sex. It gets old after the first 5000 or so times.
There's a few things you should know: 1) Solicitation IS harassment all women trans or otherwise agree.
2) This is generally only ok where such activities are taking place, not on the bus or at Starbucks, w kids around, you creeps.
3) I have never responded but u can tell the guys know that they're not going to get laid and it's more about harassing u.
4) It's about as sexy as a dog humping my leg. My dad was a two-service vet who never fidgeted or twitched and was like a mountain so steady and calm. Maybe that's why I find this behavior so unattractive.
5) if you want the girl, try smiling at her, or being nice to her.
Lastly, i am a proud Native woman who believes strongly in our values.
-so however ugly and swarthy my long-legged, half-breed ass is, it is yet the cover of a fairer mind than to behave in this exceedingly shameless way, before God and everyone.