Not a Glory Hole in sight.



Trans people are people, not sexual curiosities for drooling hillbillies. In Oregon prisons, trans people are especially fair game for every ignorant, feckless cretin (inmates and officers). If you're trans and in an Oregon state "correctional" institution, expect to be viewed as "open for business" 24/7. As with most basic awareness and civil rights, DOC is a primeval bastion of brutality (mental, physical, sexual) -- a hold-out of corruption with literally ZERO oversight. OP: I'm sorry for the mistreatment. I hope most people in Portland treat you with respect and love.


aww thanks toves; you're a bit of a troll but your heart seems in the right place.
..and yeah i moved here and got sexually harrased thousands of times, yay pdx!


Wait, how many times/much time do you spend in the bathroom to get another 2-3 dudes to solicit?


.. I only use the women's bathroom, asshole.