Maybe you're the store manager? Or the floor manager? I'm guessing you're one of the two the way you bee-lined it toward me to ask me if I needed help with anything. Or I think the phrase may have been, "What can I help you with?" Automatically putting yourself in-between me and my already decided upon route through the isle. Sorry if I was a jerk when I said, "I'm good. Thank you." or "No, I'm okay thanks" or whatever it was that I said. If that was dismissive or rude of me I apologize. I'd be happy to chat it up with you next time I come in. Not only was today tough, but I'm just tryin' to hang in there and you came at me super direct and engaging and also not too long after I had just recently been harassed, followed, and eventually assaulted by a mentally deranged person where I was left with no choice, but to defend myself. Or maybe it's just because I came directly to the store after walking the streets of 122nd in-between Powell and Holgate, but either way it's really off-putting when you run up on people like that. Or at least it is to me. Were you on me for some reason? It made me feel really uncomfortable. Anyways, hopefully it was nothin'. See ya next time I come in. Hope you have a good weekend.