I Demand Earlier Breakfast Burrito Availability



Rocket Breakfast on NE Sandy has a GREAT one, opens at 7:30 M-F, closed Tuesdays. Meat and veggie options. (I’m not affiliated with them, just a fan.)


I honestly remember liking the breakfast burritos at Whole Foods. Specifically at the Fremont location, just because they were jam packed with high quality eggs. Don't recall them ever being $14 dollars though. More like 8 or 9 tops if memory serves correct (although I get that you were probably exaggerating). But I do feel ya on the time factor for sure.


I usta think BreakFast
thee Most Important Meal
o' the Day and yet (for the Most
part) I no longer Miss it. although
not taking Vits etc before noon or
one or 4:30 in the pm (on an empty
stomach? nah) can be a pain in the
everywheres. skipping break/fast is EZ
(once one gets Used to it) and saves Time.


there are multiple mexican food carts on 5th ave downtown that open at 7! i used to go every day on my way to work. the breakfast tacos are especially great (and only $2) but they have killer burritos as well.


Muchas Gracias makes a shockingly good breakfast burrito and salsa, and opens somewhere between 7-7:30 depending on location.

Second the Rocket Breakfast recommendation too.