Viva Las Vegas!



Drunk - check
unemployed - check
broke - check
liar - check

You've got a world of shit coming your way. By delaying you've only made it so much worse.
It's way past time to own your shit. I won't wish you luck, but I'll hope your wife and children get through this despite you.


You must be a republican.


All is not lost. You can still fake your own death and escape to Mexico.


I sincerely hope this is fake. If it isn't you're a selfish sociopath.


Wow. Hope that's not true, but after working in the banking industry I'm betting it probably is.

LOL @1 Kelli... I like how you assume it's a man when there are absolutely no male or female pronouns used in that. That says a lot about you.


@5 - Just because I refer to a wife doesn't mean the OP is a man.


@6 Sure, Kelli. Because that makes it all better. Nice try, but you're still saying that anyone but a straight female would do this. What race is the person in your assumption? I'm betting you pictured a straight white man, right? hahahahahaha You are worse than the people you detest. Good for you! You worked so hard at it!