Can anyone answer this?



PPB doesn't enforce routine traffic violations and they don't do pursuits. While I'd like to say this is due to their lack of motivation on doing any policing, they've routinely ignored traffic violations for years. True story, I had 2 years where I drove around Portland with an unregistered truck and cops didn't say one word, even though on several occasions I had one right behind me.


Time was, a "sworn police officer" meant that the oath they swore was a bond to uphold, protect, and defend. One that most took seriously.
Now it appears that being a sworn police officer means they can flip the community off and swear at us.

We're being punished you see. Popo has decided that if we demand they behave themselves, they will not bother living up to their oath.

Except when it comes to qualified immunity. Then "they're just doing their job.


Maybe them being down 200 cops has something to do with it. Just saying.