Multco grand jury, comprised of the cream of our citizenry, gave Portland Police Officer Curtis Brown a pass for shooting and killing Michael Ray Townsend last June. Collins keeps his high-paying job on the city's goon squad, and Townsend's loved ones get to mourn without compensation for their loss. Portland has a long, grimey history of police corruption and brutality, with no independent oversight or accountability. Look it up. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change, as long as Lovett and Wheeler and "pro-cop" collaborators continue to capitalize on our fear and cover for a wildly broken community safety system. The money Portlanders pay for dirty cops and their legal settlements, pales in comparison with the human toll and misery. But a glut of pro-forma "advisory committees" and equity window dressing should solve all our problems, right? How did we get to this unholy inferno of deceit and chicanery? How will this play out in the next few coming years?