Wednesday, 9:30am



See this juvenile cop behavior a lot. We're paying high school bullies to keep us safe. Except they're not.


if ya cannot Bully
your clientele what's
the Bloody fawking Point?

may as well go back
to Mercenary work
at least they never
Talk Back. well
not Twice.


Not gonna lie: I've been homeless and badly addicted, and incarcerated -- and I've been on the receiving end of PPB bullying, so I feel strongly about this. I know and love many people still in that dark hole, and it breaks my heart to see them denigrated and treated like scum. On an unrelated note, I have lost, and currently am losing family and friends to COVID, so there's that. I know some people see me as trolly on I.A., but honestly I have few/no other place where I can "voice" my sadness and outrage at injustice and cruelty. Sorry for over-sharing. Thanks to those of you willing to hear.


I had you
pegged for
someone Else Tovy.

c'est la Vie.


Nah, I am that person.