Please stop writing Rockstar ice cream scooper. Please stop writing Sandwich Artist. Please stop saying 20 dollars an hour including tips. There is no ice cream scooping rockstar. You can’t afford a rockstar. There is no green room or groupies. You want me to eat all 30 flavors, have sex with your customers in the walk in and vomit into a coworkers purse? I’m guessing no. A sandwich Artist? Are you kidding me. Do you want your sandwich made any way I fucking want to, when I feel like it and maybe not at all? No, that’s not what you want. And 20 dollars, Tips included. No. You don’t pay tips so while go ahead and mention that tips in general at your business are 5 to 7 dollars an hour. Say 13 an hour or 15 an hour, because that’s your contribution. Also, if you write a fucking page and a half about what you want me to be able to do for you, I recommend that you follow up with writing what the pay and benefits are. There is nothing like asking someone to be professional and fast and efficient and run the whole store for you but you’ll determine pay based on experience. Fuck you! I want numbers before I consider you. Lastly, some of you think it’s okay to ask for a resume and not even say the name of your business. Close your doors and go home.