This morning, within the first minute I had walked in school, a fight broke out between two girls. No idea what they were fighting about but they were going at it and they were ANGRY. And so, like in any highschool, kids ran and formed a huge circle around them like some bad movie type shit. I'm serious. They were climbing on top of tables and taking out their phones. There was so much screaming and yelling. It twisted my stomach to be seeing people act so barbaric. Two police officers eventually came after a few minutes and tore them apart and I assumed that was the end of it. But two minutes later they somehow started at it again. And more people came running. A whole herd. For a second I thought there was an actual shooting. That's when it started happening: My breathing started to get shaky and out of control, my feet were backing away from everyone without me trying to, and I started trembling. Noticeable shaking uncontrollably.(previous trauma reaction.) That's when a friend came and hugged me. I don't know them well but their embrace seemed to ground me and help me get back into the right headspace. It was a simple but incredible act of kindness that I really appreciated. And it showed me that even when everything's gone to shit, there still is (and always will be) a little kindness to get you through the bad.