I'd like to shop at you. Stop being closed.



Perhaps your priorities are tragically misaligned. Could it be that their business was crafted to serve community needs and not yours specifically? Do you expect a shopkeeps life to be held hostage to your outmoded agrarian work schedule? Have you considered they may have a better insight into what's best for them and what would be most healthy for their own work/life balance?

No, you're only thinking of yourself.

Try playing hooky or just simply openly communicating your needs to others. It's not as hard as you are trying to make it.

Unless you work for an authoritarian or suffer from a massive inferiority complex it's pretty easy to just be honest and upfront about things. Try saying, "Hey peeps, I got to go do this thing by a certain time or I'll completely ruin my chance and the chances of others to be apart of something awesome."

There are only so many outcomes (1) you are good at your job and you won't be fired, (2) you are bad at your job and would be fired anyway OR (3) you boss cares more about power than anything else and your job security was always an illusion.

If you do work for authoritarian, take your co-workers out with you and call it a strike.

Don't expect others to kowtow their lives to your childish fears and professional inadequacies.

"Let's do as an earth which can never do wrong does"


That's what the internet is for.


Ma'am there's still a pandemic raging.


"Be open when I want you to be! Waaaah!"


when I was a lad
if you needed to do
any Banking you had to
be there between the hours
of 10am til 3. not to Worry --
on Fridays they were open till
5pm! you think your little 'job' mat-
tered to the Bankers? "think" Again.

what goes around
Comes around.

get an Iphone.

Amazon is
Here for