"It's the Climate..."



Show us on the "mall mammy doll" where the bad people touched you.


Racist bigots have organized to push their candidates/agendas onto the Newberg School Board and the Yamhill County Commission. In Newberg they've got a 4 to 3 lead (Bigots vs. Non-bigots) and on the County Commission it's 2 to 1. There are movements to recall the most bigoted member in both groups. Both groups have also had issues with hiring outside legal counsel because they don't like what their regular attorneys told them. Both groups are now facing expensive lawsuits as a result of their bigoted grandstanding while ignoring their county/city attorney's advice.

They don't mind wasting taxpayer money to stop Pride/BLM flags or declare Yamhill County a gun sanctuary. They figure by playing to their bigoted base they'll get elected to higher office.