Dear City Hall Insider.



"Is anyone over there courageous and civic minded enough to step up and tell Portlanders just what the fuck is going on?"



It’s all documented in duplicate and triplicate, they can disrupt and delay for a bit but it’ll all come out in the wash, that is of course based on the assumption of a democratic justice system existing in the near future. Something that becomes less and less likely each day.
Part of that is witnesses are intimidated to talk openly because the rot runs deep and they saw what happened to someone else who daylighted information on organized crime/corruption/foreign interference in Portland.

Some current obstacles are:

Intimidation and tampering of witnesses by police union members, political insiders, and political violence extremists across the political spectrum.

The current Acting US Attorney used to be the lawyer for the Portland Police Union in use of force cases.

The Assistant US Attorney assigned to National Security and Cybercrime cases compromised himself by hiring a corrupt lobbyist with direct connections to individuals of interest under serious investigation to run his campaign for Multnomah County DA.

The Multnomah County DA refuses to investigate or prosecute his own actions or the actions of any campaign volunteers or contributors. He’s outsourced major policy creation to individuals of interest who’ve advocated for and participated in organizing political violence events in Portland. He’s been caught on tape with individual who’s admitted taking payments from Russia’s Internet Research Agency where they discussed their knowledge of the process of political radicalization and their close association over two decades.

Federal representatives (senators and congresspersons) refuse to acknowledge the dangers of these realities and how they are directly connected to the now routine terrorist attacks on Portland by out-of-state groups like the proud boys who’ve boasted law enforcement membership/alignment in Oregon and Washington

The Press including the Mercury have had information on this for a while but if they take Wheeler down and expose his corruption they would also expose his and the Police Union’s connections to the corruption on the “extreme left” as well.

Like other humans, journalists sometimes have difficulty admitting the people they have elevated and idolized for the community, whether they be politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, city employees, “civil rights leaders” or other community contributors, may have serious personal and professional flaws that our a threat to our democracy. It’s uncomfortable for anyone to confront and catalog their own biases and the biases of those they interact with for work. No one wants to be the person to call out the crimes and corruption of their own “in group,” since it is often accompanied by serious social, professional, and personal attacks.
So we are left with a fast decaying weaponized half-journalism that overtly obscures relevant facts and events from the public serving to exacerbate community divisions, escalate the perception of conflict, and excite consumers to buy more ovaltine.

Besides ongoing conflict and destruction is much better for clicks and advertising sales.

Despite what you may have read in some book JFK took credit for courage is often unwelcome, unappreciated and underpaid in our society. It requires skill sets of creative thinking, problem solving and a willingness to disturb your own status quo environment.

Journalism in Portland today is more about entertainment that boosts restaurant wing sales than any sort of serious attempt at honest news or good trouble.

It’s safer and easier to come in 5th place than it is 1st, especially when the pay is the same.

In short, to paraphrase The Original Writer: This city is dying of rabies. And the people who could do something about it, at best, only want to wipe random flecks of foam from its lips.


2, Oldben

You know that the black suvs packed with large men and women dressed in black riot-type gear wearing balacavas and helmets and carrying automatic short barreled rifles with suppressors are parked at each intersection around you?
Dude, you're toast.


Oldben nailed it. I fear for your safety.


Oh that he did Tovarich, that he did.
Wish someone with journalistic integrity would find take the hint...


Juan Chavez and Washington state resident Joey Gibson are documented Portland Police collaborators.

Jake Weigler and Washington state resident Tusitala Toese are documented Portland Police collaborators.

Canadian disinformation outlet employee Andy Ngo and former Georgia state resident Gregory Mckelvey are documented Portland Police collaborators.

Ted Wheeler and Sarah Iannarone are Portland Police collaborators.

Olivia Katbi-Smith and Florida state resident Joe Biggs are documented Portland Police Collaborators.


Feels like PPB's and PPA's time is running out. People are on to their shit. That makes cops dangerous. Withholding "service" and whining in the union hall is just the beginning. I, sadly, predict worse Portland police negligence, abuse, payoffs, and cover-ups are just around the corner. Good times.


"I, sadly, predict worse Portland police negligence, abuse, payoffs, and cover-ups are just around the corner. Good times."
"Worse" ? There is no worse. One corrupt anyone on government payroll is as bad as it can be. But you are correct Tovarich, it is a sad Portland tradition. Going back as far as there's been a Portland.
Portland is for sale. It always has been. The trick is figuring out what the currency is.
And who is gonna pay.


My beef with Wheeler began with his promotion of "driverless" car BS from Silicon Valley and Seattle with Uber/Lyft as its precursor that worsened traffic congestion and reduced transit patronage as predicted. I lost my patience with Wheeler when he and other agencies (ODOT, Metro, Tri-Met) proposed "widening" 6 miles of scenic state Hwy 99W Barbur Blvd from 5- to 8-lanes to install MAX light rail in a median. Traffic hazards, accident rates and "severity" (more fatalities) worsened. Official studies of the proposal were "rigged" and pertinent facts "concealed" from the public who wisely voted NO last November.

These agencies continue planning to clear cut Barbur Blvd and replace thousands of trees with asphalt lanes and miles of concrete buttress wall where they once stood, worsening air and water pollution. The proposal was nothing more than a "land grab" for development of apartment block rental property facing a 45+mph traffic and in Tigard overlooking Costco, Walmart, Winco, Lowes, other big box store parking lots and Townsend Ford along freeway access corridors.

Abominable transportation planning and lucrative development interests reveal whom Wheeler answers to. Wheeler claimed the derelict Marquam Bridge could be replaced with a tunnel under the Willamette (it's impossible and unwise) solely to serve development interests in South Waterfront and OMSI district. Wheeler is lying and pandering to the Albina African American community about development potential in ODOT's Rose Quarter I-5 "widening" proposal which worsens traffic hazards, accident rate and "severity" nearly the same way as widening Barbur Blvd.

It's all about the money. Every effort Wheeler made to address the homeless crisis came with multi-million dollar price tags and produced institutional settings most homeless will avoid. I suggest another RECALL effort be conducted. And if that one fails, another RECALL and another RECALL until enough people learn how much he really HATES Portland. He's an opportunist doing the bidding of the ruling class, landlords and world travelers seeking 1st class 5-star hotel accommodations on business/vacations.


take it from a former chicagoan who lived through two mayors daley, a bilandic, jane byrne and rahm emmanuel, the executions of mark clark and fred hampton, the , literal, torture of suspects by commander jon burge, the "skullcap" crew,the homan square secret interrogation center and other scandals too numerous to list; it can ALWAYS get worse, and it probably will. for a taste of how bad corruption can become,try searching the phrase "operation greylord".


10; Dear chicago,

Thanks, but we're full up. Have been since portland was portland. Check out the antics of the 50's mult. co. sheriff -turned- 60's mayor. And his bagman...who got off because, well, if ya aren't charging the corrupt creep taking the money, ya can't really charge the schmuck who simply picked it up. At least that's what his defense attorney said. Worked too.

In Chicago y'all convicted the fucks. Here, they get elected over and over. It's how we roll.
Because we're stupid.


Last week's Tribune front page article on mister Wheeler shed some light on why so many of his staff quit. Said Wheeler, "I don't like to hire people that other people won't try to steal." Conversely, he will hire people that other people will try to steal? What the hell does that mean? It means he doesn't inspire confidence and loyalty. It means he knows that actions taken in his office and the offices he most relates to - PBOT and BDS (Development Services) - are suspicious. He knows beforehand that his staff will quietly quit or compromise their integrity.