Bus Creep



Holy shit girl, you have a bigger problem than an innocent flirtatious encounter. You got mr. creepyfuck stalking you. Perhaps a different bus would help?
Maybe earlier or later?
Different line altogether?
I'd even offer a suggestion to take his picture but...
Engaging with this creep might be very dangerous.

This so completely sucks. Protect yourself. Figure he already knows where you live and work.


Keep the number and the note and share it with a friend or loved one who can give it to the police in case you disappear. I am not joking.


I second what Steak & Eggs wrote. In my opinion, the best possible situation is that he's just too stupid to get that you were ignoring him on purpose and thought that he had to slip you the note to get your attention. If you're lucky he'll get the point from here on with your continued lack of engagement and response.

If he doesn't, and you have the same bus driver everyday, I'd find a way to let the bus driver know what's going on so that they at least know. And if there are other regulars on the bus I'd suggest chatting it up with one or more them (never hurts to have friends) and let them know what's going on as well. Continue to stay away from him.

It's good that he's in his 70's too so if you have to don't be afraid to turn into a boss ass bitch and let him know that you're not interested. Most likely he's dense and will then get the point, but if not then you'll at least have support and people willing to step in. Carrying mace is probably a good idea (although I'm guessing you probably already do)

Lastly, sorry this is happening to you. I've been in similar circumstances and it sucks and can be scary. (And I'm an in shape male so I can only imagine what it's like for you.) Godspeed and stay safe.


Wow poor girl that sounds horrible, i fully sympathize.
I'm a trans woman snd this type of s*** happens to me every day around here.
This guy sounds like a total stalker, doing the whole unwanted-contact-thing that stalkers love to do.
I really hope this creep leaves you alone, you deserve and have a right to be treated with respect and dignity.


3, Depending on luck and hoping he'll "get the point" is a really good way to become an item in the news.

Perhaps you weren't around when a piece of shit named Jeremy Christian focused his attention on some young women; two strangers coming to their aide died for the effort. Something not lost on commuters city wide. Counting on anyone in this climate to come to the rescue is naive on steroids.

OP, You've been sending all the signals already and he's having none of it. He's getting bolder, not "the point."
Sister, protect yourself. Any way you have to. Arm yourself, with being smart, and anything else necessary. Old fucks can be just as dangerous as young ones, and equally as powerful.

Trust in one thing: yourself. This shitstain isn't going away until he realizes it's in his best interest to so. Find a way to make that happen.