Fuck Videogames



Gamers: go back in time. Say, 1973. Buy a Schwinn Stingray with your paper route money. Ride around with a transistor radio strapped to your handlebars. Shop-lift Bazooka Joe's from 7-11. Hang out with friends at the bowling alley or at Oaks Park. Stay out until dinnertime. Read comic books. Listen to Sister Mary Elephant or CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Eat a Pop Tart and go to bed. Staring at a glowing piece of plastic for hours on end is just grim. In my opinion.


Ugh. This reminds me of when I lived in Seattle and was dating. Every guy was a stoner who played videogames. I had zero interest in any of them. And they would get so angry when I said as much. And they couldn't believe I preferred hanging around with my gay male friend than them (one guy actually asked me why I would hang out with someone I could never have sex with and I said "because he is a hell a lot more fun and more interesting than YOU)! i mean JFC adults want to date adults. Teenagers date stoners who play video games.


Instead of crying about gamers, maybe look within yourself and figure out what malfunction is making you attracted to people like that? At the end of the day, it's about you, not them.


Maybe you should stop dating 19-year-olds and start dating grown men who aren't man-children.