Yes, there is an objectively clear pattern of antiPOC bias in media coverage of Portland, but they also asked a couple of black and Hispanic peeps along the way so it’s all cool.

It’s important to recognize that each of us only have to do the bare minimum to defeated systemic racism and other forms of corruption. Once a politician or member of the press have checked a couple boxes labeled anti-racist, they’re work is done and racism is defeated forever.

One way the kids today are overcoming inherent antipoc bias in culture institutions is to appoint a small group of unelected privileged people of color to represent communities en mass. Not only does save excess time we didn’t have before the digital revolution but it also prevents awkward encounters with people of color who may disagree with your preconceived ideas about what’s best for their community. Remember this is about anti-racist performances and not strengthening our society’s crumbling democratic infrastructure. It’s important to just tell people of color what they should think. If you must routinely ask the opinion of nonwhites, it’s important to keep the pool of characters small and only turn to the same privileged POCs time and time again to avoid the reality of diversity in favor of its appearance.

This helps to solidify power among a few tokenized community gatekeepers who have be pre-approved to speak on community issues in alignment with personal and political agendas.

Faith leaders of color are often a shrewd choice for police and politicians seeking to pacify community responses to human rights abuses.

By aligning ourselves with tokenized leaders who can recognize the short-term political and financial opportunity in placating status quo power brokers, we can defeat systemic racism for all. (Once we’ve all made a few bucks first)