This isn’t rocket science…



"Who’s organizing the crime?"

Daryl Turner and his stooges at the PPA. They're holding this city hostage.


We give immoral illiterate thugs government issued weapons. It's how we handle community safety in America. We're hostages of our own devices. If you criticize cops or demand independent oversight, cops pout, whine, and pull services, causing surges in crime, which terrorize the citizenry, who then cry out for "more police," who demand to operate by their own rules, which results in abuse, which... Circle of life. Defund, refund, reform, reinvest... Whatever. Portland's elected officials lack the integrity and courage to effect substantive change, and Portlanders appear too cowed or too stupid to demand it.


It’s not just the elected officials who lack integrity…


Explain, please.


Abolish the Portland Police Association, and make Portland cops who want union representation join the Public Employees Union. Or just defund PPB and develop better ways to provide community safety without publicly paid, armed bigot boys. Whichever.


Nah. Your wrong. We simply need more police officers that are actually allowed to get pissed off when people fuck with them. Yeah, I like my police officers edgy and allowed to fuck with you when you fuck with them. ProblemS solved.