You lying discourteous racist motherfucker.

I came to you with solutions. I came to you as an ally. I came to you with a serious concern of what that pattern indicates. I told you if you didn’t address these things I’d quit.

And now you dare to spread rumors that you threatened to fire me if I didn’t quit. How fucking stupid are you?

Just because a reporter agrees not to publish it in public that doesn’t mean it’s a secret. Your “off-record” comments and behavior still inform their thoughts and opinion of you as well as how you will be covered in the future. Just because it’s not published in the papers, that doesn’t mean everybody doesn’t know.

I’m done giving you advice, I’m just going to step back, drink some wine, and watch the shit show that is your professional life spin out of control.

Multnomah County will make it through the worst of you, after all, 5 o’clock always comes around quicker than we expect