So I look at my Tinder (I'm new to it and not paying for it at this point) it says I have 6 likes. Course I can't see who they are unless I pay. So I pony up for a subscription. I purchase and everything goes through. I head over to my 'likes' section and it unveils two of the likes and the rest disappear from view! What the hell!? It also says I still have 6 likes. It doesn't scale the number back from 6 to 2. Further more, the next day I receive another like, bringing the total up to 7. Still just the 2 visible likes. The new like isn't visible. Well, time to contact customer service I think, but lo and behold they don't HAVE a freakin' customer service and no where on their app or service is there any explanation as to why this is happening. What the hell Tinder!? I paid you for your service. Where are my freakin' likes?!