You told me you read this so I figure this was the best way to let you know where I am at right now. Obviously, we've all been through a lot these past 19 months, and many of us were in difficult work or relationship situations before covid ever even started.

I think you are an awesome and special person. I'd would really appreciate being your friend. I apologize if that was miscommunicated. I'm really not looking for anything physical right now. I can more than take care of myself in that dept.

If its okay with you, I'd like to foster a friendship in the present and not worry about timelines, next steps, or what things could turn in to. That's what I need most right now, friends I can speak honestly and openly with about what we are currently experiencing together.

I really don't have many smart friends to talk to right now. And I think we all could use a little less pressure on ourselves as we try to figure out these next steps together as a society.

Life is weird, and undoubtedly we will come across habits or behaviors about each other we don't like, but I think there are things we can do as friends to accept ourselves and each other as the complete humans we are.

Thank you again, let's connect soon.