About 90% of married men have hit on my when their wives', my friends, are looking away. They give the look.....ie: DTF? Hot or Not? Is it worth cheating on my wife? These wifey friends of mine always give me the cold shoulder when they realize they are getting ignored for the new Jenny on the Block.

Or the husbands lie about their marital status to elicit connections to women who actually respect wedding bands. And now know this entire group of married men is off limits, b/c wives can't handle their husbands being friendly to WOC. Trust me I don't want your husband.

Married men cheat and they are looking for the hottest fired up WAP on the block to bring their libido back. Cause they always do a double take with big booties. That's right big booty WOC is not what they are getting at home.

But I don't need to tell you marriage is an colonial institution that forced women to be "given" away or forced into marriage. Monogamy is not natural, half of all marriages end in divorce. It wasn't the hot Lolita down the block who ended your marriage.

Your church wedding is about as legit as those indigenous Catholic boarding schools IMHO.

In Oregon can we get some common law in Oregon? Cause Oregon is the only state on the west coast who doesn't have common law. If we were to get common law make sure there is a temporary period of "retroactivity" in the statute of limitations.