The news of the what happened on the train in Philadelphia has shaken me to my core.

It reminds me too much of what I've seen in Portland time and time again and I'm sure we'll have an event of our own like that soon enough. I'm sure many of you know by now we already have.

People just watched this human get viciously attacked and did nothing. They didn't stand up. They didn't call for help. They didn't ask any questions. They just watched and did nothing. They treated the event as a ticketed spectacle.

They refused to acknowledge the reality of the violence they were witnessing. They failed this human. They failed themselves.

They all expected someone else to help. That it was someone else problem. That this human deserved this violence. They didn't want to get involved. They didn't want to upset others. They didn't want risk their own safety. They didn't want to feel uncomfortable. They didn't want to be inconvenienced. They didn't want to hurt their job prospects. They didn't want to hurt their election chances.

This is how it happens. "Good" people doing nothing. Then continuing to do nothing. Then whitewashing their inaction. Then victim blaming.

Resolved to their own narcissistic delusion of self purity and goodness with no connection to reality or performance of their 'values'.

That's why these are called the moments of truth. Because those are the moments we all learn who you are and who you aren't.

And now, having performed as a complicit audience to violence, instead of seeking opportunities for redemption or reparations, they coordinate their excuses and finding ways to victim blame and again reject the reality of their shared experience.

Why do you lie yourself that you'd behave any different? We all saw what exactly happened.