I honestly cannot fathom not doing anything. This country has reached peak apathy when the only thing that happens during a violent crime is people watch and take video with their phones.

When I was 28 I was on the subway going to work and in a full, but not crowded subway car, a man had his arm around a woman's neck and he was punching her in the leg and she was crying. Not one person looked his way or did a damn thing. I walked over to him and said "I think you should stop doing that, I don't think she likes it, she's crying." He ignored me. I repeated myself, again and again until he looked at me and said "she's my fucking wife I can do whatever I want." When the doors opened at 14th St. (my stop) and I stepped out onto the platform and there were two police officers. I told them what was happening and what I had said and they stopped the train from moving on and went into the car where the man was. I went up the stairs and out onto the street and into the building where my office was and when I got there I burst into tears.

I know people have been harmed interfering and yet I believe people need to interfere. Standing there and doing nothing is unacceptable. It is complicity.

I sure hope that if there ever comes a time something happens to me or someone I love that someone will intervene. Even now 21 years later and disabled (I was not disabled then), I would do something to intervene in any way that I could. All of those people taking videos with their phones could have used them to call emergency services.

I mean FFS this is the same country where passengers took down flight 93 when it was highjacked so that it wasn't flown into the White House. You'd never fucking now it.


*know it now.


I have not seen the video. What I have seen is the Portland news about the good Samaritans that tried to help on the Max who were violently attached. I don't know the motives of those who recorded the scene, but making a record for criminal prosecution seems reasonable.

During the heat of an attack, I would hope for help. In the cold light of day should a good Samaritan lose their life attempting to help me, the guilt of their death would weigh heavily on my shoulders. No it wouldn't be my "fault" but the guilt would be there nonetheless.

Our city is infiltrated by "Proud Boys" who are clandestinely (and openly) supported by our Police Departments. As a potential target of hate crimes, being a victim is a real possibility. I hope anyone attempting to help me will weigh their personal safety more heavily than mine. Stand back and take those pics - put the animals into cages that harm me or others.


Apparently the original story is not correct.

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