Correcting the Dept of Corrections



With Regard to anything Oregon Dept. Of Corrections related, one name:

Michael Francke

He was murdered a day before he was to deliver testimony concerning corruption within the Department of Corrections.

I would like to think that Oregon DOC represents the height of corruption within state government. Sadly, a man named Frank Gable can share more on that pipe dream.

He was the fellow who served 30 years in prison after being made the patsy for Francke's murder.

Salem Police, Marion County District Attorney and Sheriff's Office, Oregon State Police, Oregon Department Of Justice, and the Oregon Department of Corrections all had a hand in the investigation and prosecution of Gable. Despite convincing evidence that he was being framed.

Oregon DOC? Neanderthals with authority. There is no depravity that they won't sink to.


Several Oregon DOC corrections officers, particularly at Deer Ridge in Madras and EOCI in Pendleton, are openly, self-avowed members of white Aryan "brotherhoods" and curry favor with the EK, Brood, and other racist inmate groups, including supplying inmates with crystal meth. Fact, not fiction. DOC permits regular law breaking among COs, including harassment of trans and queer inmates.


only truly vile human beings would choose to work as prison guards.