So I swam out from my Island once. Sometime ago now. Rode the choppy waves and eventually crashed upon this barren land. Barren on the outside for sure; but so many have found themselves here. Or so I've heard. And although not enlightened yet, it has served me well. Should I continue? I mean, there's no guarantee of further development, and things surely seem to have stagnated. But does that mean I should return? That ocean was no easy foe. I was completely tired from exhaustion at one point and resigned to a dead man's float, just hoping to get my strength back only to be tossed by violent storms, leaving me doubtful I'd survive. And then there were the tornadoes. (Don't get me started on those.) But there was something back there on that island wasn't there? Some avenue I hadn't explored? A secret exit I hadn't discovered? Oh Jesus, maybe it wasn't an Island after all. And it sure was beautiful. Lush, green, tropical, all at once. Any fruit one could desire could be found there. Any fruit one could desire. Should I go back?