We bought this house from the original owners. They lived here for almost 60 years. One of the parents used to lock their kids in the cellar and take out the lightbulb as punishment. I don't really know how I know this but we are never allowed to lock the cellar door. Who's telling me to never lock the door? Did they kill their kid? Is it buried under the cellar floor? Did the mom lock up the kids? Did the dad, and she's just here worrying? Our ghost is always there in the same spot. I don't have to say anything, other than Tell me when you feel it, to anyone that wants to see if I am lying. I'm not. I have one friend that won't even go in the basement anymore. My uncle is still shaken by our ghost. He says that it was real and it still freaks him out. She just sits on the bottom steps. I'm going to have to walk past her and the cellar when I'm done writing this.