Discourteous Lane Hogs



There is no one who can remain without action even for a moment. Indeed, all beings are compelled to act by their qualities born of material nature.


You need a vacation. May I suggest a few places?
A) Mexico City or Rome, where if your front bumper is a centimeter in front of the other guy, you have right - of - way. Because no body cares whether you know how to drive and it's everyone for themselves.

B) Los Angeles, where it's 85 mph and 6" separates the car in front of and behind you, until it's not, and you all come to a stop in unison, without so much as a scratch. Because you are expected to either know how to drive or stay the fuck at home.

C) Seattle, where nearly every car (excluding those with Oregon plates) will happily slow to allow you to merge if you use your turn signal. Because they know it's not a race and winning means arriving in one piece with as little stress as possible.

Now then. Repeat after me:
My turn signal does not give me the right-of-way. It's just as easy for me to slow up a little and let them pass ahead of me. My turn signal does not give me right-of-way...


I feel you. People who attach their ego to driving by refusing even the most basic courtesies, like allowing people to merge safely, need to sizzle in hell for eternity. It's a dog-eat-dog world today, and you find little sympathy for how shitty people behave... except from this IA troll, me.


You want some cheese with that whine?


Psycho: Clever retort. I too am not a fan of whining. However, I usually reserve the term for privileged wankers who have much but expect ever more, out of an overabundance of entitlement. However, I wouldn't call someone a whiner for voicing frustration or anger over people who disregard basic traffic safety or common courtesy. We see a lot of complaints lodge on IA (e g., "Can I find a Portland apartment without being bothered by barking dogs?" or, say, "My partner abuses me and my children.") Some a definitely whiners. Some, not so much. JMO.


It sounds like you're describing California drivers who move here. They claim they're the only ones who know how to drive, yet are the worst drivers on the road. Then it snows and they cause all the accidents with their 'perfect driving'.


Yeah I agree @6 the Cali drivers are just terrible.


@5, You do you, but I think this is whining. Given the accompanying language I see no reason to reinforce this amplified irreality.

The writer has some issues and I think it’s more likely they are engaging in attention seeking behavior than relaying an honest grievance.

The writer wishes revenge upon vindictive fucks.

The writer visualizes their audience with “skinny wieners.” The writer has experience with shit stains. The writer expresses a curse of copulation upon their audience.

The writer identifies “motor vehicle” operation with projected self worth and personal sense of ego. The writer associates the phrase “effective deterrent” with MV operation.

The writer assigns thoughts to the audience.

The writer expresses discomfort with an “unexpected” perceived challenge.
The writer buys into to disproven “alpha” hokum.
The writer reminds at least one audience member of that driving seen in “Meet the Parents.”
The writer projects thoughts of entitlement and road sharing upon the audience.
The writer feels empowered to speak for others.
The writer denies responsibility for their “slowness” and blames others for their inability to keep up with their intended audience.
The writer begrudgingly accepts responsibility but only in the context of a group.
The writer projects a thought of superiority upon the audience.
The writer expresses concern for attention upon themselves. The writer again expresses a desire to be seen by the audience. The writer wants their accomplishments to be seen too.

The writer expresses concern for their audience.

The writer expresses knowledge of Amazon pacifier pricing.

The writer expresses hope for the audience.

The writer projects the audience as infantile.



And @6+7, way to engage the ol’ “blame the immigrants” trope.




@9 Californians are immigrants? Okay... I love learning which ways people are fucked in the head.


"Californians are immigrants?"
When they move here in unsustainable numbers, pricing the natives out of our homes, sucking our resources into their wallets, destroying our habit and livability?

They aren't just immigrants, they're invaders.


make that 'habitat'.


I once met a Californian who wasn't an entitled, arrogant prick, and who wasn't moving here (with millions from the sale of a 2BR/1 bath shit box) to contribute to Oregon's over-development and the ruin of the state's natural beauty and tempo.



I am no fan of driving in California, but the fact that the people of Oregon need stop lights at highway entrance lanes because they don't know how to zipper merge makes anything they have to say about other people's ability to drive null and void.

Oregonians believe they do not have to follow any rules of the road, especially regarding speed or courtesy. And I learned to drive in New Jersey and New York City, so I have experienced psychotic drivers since learning how to drive.

Oregonians may not be the worst in the nation, but they fucking suck beyond all comprehension. And the go to with all Oregonians is to blame Californians for everything.


I agree with CR, as I often do. Yes, driving shouldn't be a Thunderdome race to the death, and folks should let people merge. As for Californians -- can't blame em for all our woes. Sadly, many of them bring to Oregon their frenetic, me-only attitude, on the highway and elsewhere. And BTW, to a previous poster (not CR): the fact that driving in other lands is a murderous death rally doesn't mean we can't call BS on shitty drivers here. We can do better.


@16; CR, freeway entrance traffic lights were in california long before they arrived here. Oregonians don't follow the rules because we / they don't know the rules. Because they didn't bother to learn them. They don't know what right-of-way means, they believe that their turn signal entitles them to do whatever they want as soon as its engaged, and, well yes, they're just doing what they learned from watching californians.

@Tovarich, the reference to other countries, indeed other states was intended to emphasize that in circumstances where each knows and follows what is expected of them, what appears chaos is actually a well choreographed dance. It's pretty fucking amazing that what would surely result in multi injury crashes here at worst results in some excellent instruction in colorful language and hand gestures elsewhere.

Unfortunately in Oregon, the choreographer was downsized for a driving examiner too bored and bitter to give a shit.
I've often thought that it is too easy to get a license and we really ought to be tested more frequently.

But oh god yes call bullshit on the shitty drivers here. I get the OP's plight. But I fail to understand why slowing to allow Mr. or Ms. 'Gotta be in front of you' to actually be in front and avoid the stress. I do like the mindset in Seattle, the willingness to permit others to merge over. It's like, "who has time for an ulcer?" driving 101. Mexico City and Los Angeles, not so much.


Won't someone think of the upper middle class Californians! /s