You and your wife are in Portland from Arizona, presumably to show all us liberal sheeple how real patriots express their love of Trump and hatred for science. You saw the "masks required" sign on our window today and stood in the middle of the store ranting your wobbly-eyed mooglie wooglie about how making you wear a mask is an assault on yer freedom. You refused to leave, screaming bloody murder, while our shoppers looked on in amazement. You made your stand, and I bodily shoved you out the door. You screamed "Assault!" and threatened legal action. Hop to it. I'll stand up in court any day, gladly, against any disgusting smear of a human like you who wears his rank stupidity like a badge of honor, spouting MAGA and anti-mask vomit in a place if business. Back to Arizona you go, where the gene pool pond scum bubbles with a special breed of dumb. Thanks for stopping!