basing money on artificial scarcity (like dollars) perpetuates the myth that there isn't enough money to go around. there is actually plenty of money for everyone, but billionaries are complete fucking assholes that suck money up in vanity-fueled pyramid schemes (space! self-driving cars! the internet!), while people starve in the streets. no thank you

basing money on real scarcity (like cryptocurrency) perpetuates the myth that there IS enough energy to go around. there is not because google's data centers are sucking up exponential amounts of power to fuel their giant surveillance machines, and forests (solar panels) are burning to make room for disco balls (solar panels). no thank you

basing money on randomness (like a lottery ticket) sounds kind of nice. maybe the government just starts giving everybody between $100 and $200 every day, minting the money while they do it. "the market" is flooded with people having good days and better days. people already give each other money with cash-app and shit all the time. we might as well stop pretending money is anything but a weird swirly fluid that's as impossible to predict as a hurricane