money that isn't blood money



Wow, this is spot on but rarely addressed. It's kind of a moot point, however, since the extreme right has effectively solidified their control for years to come through voter suppression, fillibuster, nativism, corporatism, and "culture-war" fear mongering. I am NOT an economic expert, but I did study macroeconomics back in the Stone Age under Reagan's apologist Milton Friedman. What I learned is that "money supply" and deficits are essentially smoke and mirrors -- a way for the wealthy and corporations to control the value of their holdings and maintain "confidence" in the markets. FDR was the first to accept monetarism (John Maynard Keynes) and deficit spending to hold American together during the Great Depression and to finance our role in WWII. In other words, there is always enough money to address social welfare issues (LBJ's War on Poverty), as long as you don't cripple the economy by simultaneously funding war (Vietnam). The federal government can print as much "money" as it wants, but scarcity economics and the right wing forbid it. Cryptocurrency may be striking fear in the hearts of the traditional monied classes, but it's just more smoke and mirrors based on scarcity. There literally is no there there.


One other thing: You'll notice very few Republicans still talk these days about "supply side economics" (touted by folks like Friedman and David Stockman in the 70s and 80s). Essentially, deep tax cuts and capital gains tax cuts were supposed to heat up domestic manufacturing, boost employment, and "trickle down" the benefits to workers and the middle class. Problem is, tax cuts, outsourcing, and shipping jobs and manufacturing overseas have enriched conglomerates and the wealthiest 1%, the poor classes have grown, jobs are now mostly "service," and the shrinking middle class holds on to the myth of prosperity through a glut of cheap, foreign consumer goods. Our economy today is based on throw pillows and 50-inch TVs, while the social welfare system is drowning in the bathtub. But hey, we still have distractions like CRT, mask mandates, immigration, fetuses, and roving bands of queers and hippies for politicians and knuckle-dragging mouth breathers to focus on.


Too many of those whose focus is on money are in it for the money. It's like that John Lennon song: "All you need is money, money money, money is all you need." When public works projects, especially "infrastructure" - adding lanes to freeways, bridges, light rail lines and electric buses built on crappy obsolete 1960's chassis, are presented to the public to surveil their opinion, a short list of concerns ALWAYS leads with the question, How much will it cost? and Who's gonna pay for it?

The money questions should be answered LAST, after questions about engineering structural integrity, public health and safety, physical impact, property takings, construction disruption, predicted results of successful traffic management, gains in mass transit patronage, development potential etc should answered first. But noooo. Fucking ODOT, racist Tri-Met, full of shit Metro and virulently corrupt City Council intentionally keep the public in the dark, deceitfully misinformed and arguing over the money. Look at money this way: Global warming will be disastrous and will "cost too much" to avert. There is no money to be made saving the world for most of its inhabitants.


There's pah-lenty of "money," just no public will.


Money and those who love it are stupid.


American petro dollars are not backed by anything but the belief that they are valuable: fiat currency. Worth looking into, especially since 30% of total american dollars in existence were 'printed' (digitally produced) over the past 2 years. Inflation will get worse and won't go away anytime soon.