Speaking of boycotts



That kind of a difficult request when those supposed “leading” Portland police reform and abolition campaigns are in fact documented police informants and collaborators of unconstitutional police violence against those they label as political threats to their livelihood.


There are specific individuals who’ve claimed leadership in the police abolition campaigns and have been documented coordinating with the portland police bureau to engage police activity and violence against specific activists and journalists. It's publicly documented in police reports and court records. These names have been mentioned here by others in the past.


OK, I’ll get right on that.


This country lives, breathes, and can't exist without white privilege, white supremacist terrorism, and white male rage and violence. It will never put a stop to it. It will allow a resident of the White House, his administration, his criminal cronies in Congress, and his nut job followers who commit an act of domestic terrorism in an attempt to overthrow the government and overturn results of an election they don't like because white people must always be able to demand they are victims.

Without victimhood, rage, violence, terrorism, and white supremacist actions and policies firmly in place, white people have nothing. They exist solely because they have stolen everything they ever had from other people and if anyone dares any attempt at holding them accountable or creating a different society (one of equality and fairness), then they will act out in fits of rage and violence to keep things as they are.

Why would a country built on the genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of people stolen from other countries EVER give a shit about anyone but white males and their grievances played out in acts of terrorism and violence? it won't. It never will.