Ah, the autumnal scent of Climate Disaster



Yeah screw you, my heater is broken right now so I'm without heat for two weeks unless I have a fire in the fireplace. You don't know what people are dealing with.


Please continue to cough your guts out, I’m sure there’s plenty of shit you do in life that makes other people sick…like posting here for example.

Seems like you write this same stupid post EVERY autumn, to complain. Not everyone in Portland (right now especially) has the money to pay for electric, gas, or oil to heat their homes. You make the assumption that everyone owns a home and is gleefully building fires in a fireplace or wood stove just for memories and joy. I’ve been laid off thanks to Covid, I have a family to feed, and we are STRUGGLING. Right now my wood stove is what is keeping my family warm. I’m not going to apologize for that because you have a problem, and not one solution except for bitching about it.

Piss off, will you?


Scientists and doctors agree, but Oregonians will always demand their freedumb.


The fire department shut down our wood burning neighbor who liked to chop wood 24/7 and burn it on his balcony (you can't just burn wood where you please, and where I live unless it's in a fireplace, you have to be 25 feet away from a structure, which makes it impossible for him to do so).

We live in an entirely different building, but as one of his closest neighbors our apartment (and I am certain other apartments in this building) filled with his smoke, even with the windows closed. We had to spend a lot of money on an air purifier (which removes the smoke, but not the smell).

Not sure how he lives out his lumberjack fantasies now, but he's not polluting the air anywhere near his home these days.


4 On his balcony? That is insane! You’re lucky you didn’t turn into prosciutto!

My situation, isn’t ideal and I admit that. But right now, I don’t have a choice.


This is just an embarrassing word salad of a post. It’s clear you were trying for something.

But man are you coming up short.

And it’s “nary” not “narry,” you should know that.


Okay. Cold is good. I mean people die from it and all, but as long as you get your minty fresh, that's all that's important.
Fuck you.


Yeah... I'm not.
Wood smoke is primarily solid particulate that settles to earth, containing, relatively little carbon in an aerosol form because wood fires do not generally burn to completion; most of the carbon remains in the ash, unlike the by-products of fossil fuels.

Trees also grow back. And new trees are considered by actual science to be an excellent method of carbon sequestration, or "carbon sink."

Thus, by burning wood instead of oil or natural gas or, as in other places, coal, we dump less carbon into the atmosphere, not as the OP suggests, more.


Okay class, who wants to point out the tells on this one?

(Hint: it’s not a real fireplace😉)