What the fuck is wrong with us?

We knew about the affects of global warming in the 80s.

Al Gore made a couple movies about it in the early 2000s.

Now some 40 years later as we face record breaking meteorological event after record breaking meteorological event, people still refuse to even acknowledge the data, the patterns, the science, and the truth about our own behavior.

Now we are stuck between journalists and industrialist who make money off denying reality to impede changes to their comfortable status quo and journalists and activists who perform holier than thou sermons of rebuke and accusations while failing to examine how their decades of performative hypocrisy has had little of any measurable affect in changing our path.

It’s the same story on vaccines.
It’s the same story on police reform.
It’s the same story on voting rights.

People are more interested in their nonprofit paycheck, their social media likes, and their donor relationships to actually do anything beyond a “compelling and emotional performance” about the issue.

My childhood home in New Orleans won’t exist in 5-10 years. My kids will likely face weather intense enough to disrupt crops around the world and severely impact our economy and food supply.

But hey at least you got to play dress up and feed your ego with cheeky demonstration at that climate event you flew/drive to. Your hair and make up looked great in those pictures.

Stop playing to the audience, grow the fuck up and try to actually accomplish measurable for a change.