Hear, hear!


Justice in 'Merca. Who knew?


They were only found guilty because they were poor. If they had any money to pay off the right people (lawyers) or were part of any type of club, they could have gotten away with it.


It's not justice, it's accountability. And they're going after the DA who tried to cover it up. She's next. She has been charged. Remember these assholes weren't going to be charged AT ALL. It took months for them to even be considered for indictment after the cops, the DA, and all of their buddies in town (law enforcement and the so-called justice system) worked so hard to make it go away as just another Black man lynched in broad daylight for existing while Black.

Justice is Black people being allowed to exist without being hunted down and murdered for existing while Black.


Former district attorney arrested after indictment in connection with Ahmaud Arbery investigation

Johnson -- on the day of the shooting -- prevented two Glynn County police officers from exercising their duties "by directing that Travis McMichael should not be placed under arrest, contrary to the laws of said State, the good order, peace, and dignity thereof," the indictment said.

Johnson is also accused of violating her district attorney oath by "showing favor and affection to Greg McMichael during the investigation," according to the indictment.


Wait a sec! So Georgia is taking the lead on prosecuting corrupt District Attorneys who obstruct and pervert Justice?!?

Specifically for directing the Police not to arrest individuals for specific crimes and showing favor to specific individuals?!

Georgia is doing this!

Well if it can happen thereā€¦


@6 I wouldn't go that far. It's one corrupt DA in one case that happens to be in Georgia. Ironically, GA is not even close to the most corrupt states in this country. The most corrupt state in this country? New York (followed by Illinois, Louisiana, Alabama, New Jersey, and Rhode Island).


All great points. Thankful.


I am terribly surprised, and by an equal measure, grateful that people in Georgia are standing up in ways thoroughly unexpected. Would that we could follow suit.

I am so happy to think that these three bubbas are looking at life in a Georgia prison.

Perhaps we should ask Frank Gable, and maybe the victim of the crime he didn't commit, Michael Francke?
Or Robert Christopher?
Arron Cambell?
James Chasse?
Kendra James?
Michael Fesser?
And a whole bunch of others who have suffered at the hands of the corrupt and connected right here, just where Oregon is in the hierarchy of corrupt states.

Credit where credit is due: Larry Hobbs, a reporter for a dinky little newspaper called the Brunswick News kept poking, and asking. And because he wouldn't let go, Ahmaud Arbery became a household name and the shit stains who killed him are going away.

Here, maybe the reporter would have been found floating in the river. Or on government payroll.

3, bob,

They were members of a club. One that had two DA's responsible for seeking justice, turning a blind eye - running interference for them. But in the end, that blind eye is wide open looking back at them and, as Christina points out, the DA's.

We have a long long way to go.


Abolish DA's. Hold police accountable (ha!) for failure to abide by their sworn duties and failure to earn their high pay.


And trample qualified immunity?
Perish the thought!
(or those who thought it, whichever is more convenient)


Watch for Kyle Rittenhouse to be making the FoxNews, talk show, and gun show circuits soon. And then, maybe, a little gun porn.