Ture rings a bell.


Make your fucking mind up. I care "too much" about how I look to the world, or not enough?
I don't give a shit about what gets you hard. I care about YOU! Closet Coward.


@2 - Just because a person is in the closet is no reason to assume they are cowards. The trans community is under increasing assault as we gain visibility. We all must choose our balance between being visible to allow the children of today to see what we didn't when we were kids, examples of healthy happy trans people, with the legitimate fear of being seriously harmed or even killed because of people seeing us as trans.

We pay attention. We see our sisters murdered in this region, beat up for using the bathroom, etc. Every assault on a trans woman feels like an assault on ourselves.


You see, I,A is something best served cold.


I was not referring to trans people in any way.
I’m referring to the fact that some people use their “oppression” to be vindictive, self-centered, and gloss over the fact that they have no interest whatsoever to be “free”
They revel in being able to hide in the shadows, using others as their shield.
It’s a win-win situation for them.
It gets their rocks off.
And they absolutely know it.
There’s all kinds of beards out there.


And #4
Revenge is best when it’s regurgitated and thrown back in your face. You didn’t understand the context the 1st, 2nd, or 3d time around. Pretty sure you never will.
I still love you!

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